If you have a project and would like some volunteer help, or just have an idea you think will interest other archaeologists, please send us an email at and include the word 'proposal' in the title. 

We have only a few do's and don'ts. 

Do make sure that the project can be completed in 2–3 weeks, with a team of 5–10 people, working no more than part time.

Do make sure the project will be interesting, that people will learn something new, and that people will have something concrete to put on their CVs once the project is complete. We are looking for projects which will boost morale in a time when many archaeologists are struggling. 


Do be quite specific in what sort of information you want gathered, in what form, and what you want done with it. The project teams will have little external management, so the more specific you can be, the easier will will be for them.  We can help you design a project, or send you examples of some of our own.


Don't assume people have much more software at home than Word, Excel and Google. Design your projects within these limits. 

As a rule, these projects should not be run by organisations. The tasks must not replace work which would be done by paid staff. ​